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University of Florida - Retrospective Dissertation Scanning Project
by Orr, James Marshall, 1944-
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Topics: Maslow, Abraham H. (Abraham Harold), Aged, Old age assistance, Counseling
Books to Borrow
by Moustakas, Clark E., ed
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True experience and the self / Clark E. Moustakas -- The so-called drives / Kurt Goldstein -- The trend in motivational theory / Gordon W. Allport -- A theoretical model for personality studies / Andras Angyal -- Selfishness, self-love, and self-interest / Erich Fromm -- Fate and self-determination / Otto Rank -- The world of personality / Rabindranath Tagore -- The personality / Prescott Lecky -- Truth and reality from two points of view / David Smillie -- Human personality / Sarvepalli...
Topics: Psychology, Self, Ego, Psychology, Persoonlijkheid
Books to Borrow
by Horney, Karen, 1885-1952
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Community Texts
by Karen Horney
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In Our Inner Conflicts the author has developed a theory of neurosis whose dynamic centre is a basic conflict between the attitudes of "moving toward", "moving against" and "moving away from" people.
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Topic: psychology, philosophy, inner conflicts, horney
Million Book Project
by Karen Horney, M.D.
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This book cannot be viewed because it is under review by the Million Books Project
Topic: Philosophy